Benevolent Corporate Overlord Sponsor of The Week

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Benevolent Corporate Overlord Sponsor of The Week


Let's face it; there are a lot of professional businessman private corporate companies out there that want their name associated with ACES Radio.

Unfortunately, we are filled to the brim with Blood and Urine, and have no room left to squeeze anything else in.

HOWEVER - what if I told you that you could sponsor ACES Radio one week at a time? What if I told you that your real or fake company could, for the low low price of only ten US American monies, have their message read on the air during an episode of ACES Radio?

What if I also told you that you could choose who you wanted to read your message? WOULD YOUR BRAIN EXPLODE OUT OF YOUR FACE?

Of course it would.

We will literally read anything, so don't be afraid to get wet, America.

All proceeds will be spent on highly addictive drugs for school children. And we're not talking medicine. We're talking illegal shit. The stickiest of the icky.

Because kids need to get high, too. Possibly more than anyone else.

ACES Radio is committed to ending childhood sobriety in America by 2020.

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